Our Perfumes

Accredited by The International Natural Perfumers Guild

Accredited by the International Natural Perfumers Guild, ESSENCIA NATURAL PERFUMES is a range of enticing, exotic fragrances made using time-honoured traditional methods and all-natural ingredients. Unlock the secret scents of the Earth with Essencia natural perfumes, solid perfumes and body oils; each one is a unique aromatic experience, inspired by the breath-taking natural beauty of our planet.
Essencia’s natural fragrances are made without any synthetic chemical compounds. Instead they’re made with a blend of beautiful natural ingredients like cedarwood, cinnamon, lavender, lemon, vanilla, jasmine and orange blossom… the most fragrant flowers, spices and herbs from Mother Earth’s abundant store.

The Essencia brand is committed to caring for the planet’s resources and preserving our natural heritage. All natural perfumes are packaged in recyclable glass, and labels are printed with organic ink. Spoil yourself with a sensual earth-friendly treat.

“Like music to the soul, paint upon a canvas, the aroma of fresh leaves and precious flower petals are interwoven into a colorful rhapsody of texture and style.” Rochelle Boleyn

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